Healthy Eating for Life for Children

Our kids have advantages no other generation has had. They can profit from an impressive body of medical research that has matured over many decades, guiding their pediatricians—and their families—toward the most healthful possible diets.

We now know how to prevent, at least to a substantial degree, most of the diseases that have been major killers up to now. While their grandparents may have thought that heart disease was an inevitable part of getting older, children today can virtually sidestep it with wise diet and lifestyle choices. We have learned how to cut the risk of many forms of cancer. Stroke, diabetes, and hypertension can all be held at arm’s length by preventive steps that were only dimly understood a generation ago.

As children reach adulthood, they can take advantage of instant access to virtually unlimited health information via the electronic media. Whereas once research studies gathered dust in medical libraries, today they can be read immediately by anyone.

And healthy foods are more available than ever. With more and more movement of people to and from other lands, a kid in Idaho thinks nothing of having lunch of foods from Mexico and dinner from China, while Dad and Mom can practice their Italian or Thai cooking skills.

Even so, our kids have risks that no other generation has had. A few decades ago, fast foods, snack vending machines, and convenience stores were uncommon. Today they are everywhere. School lunch programs serve up unhealthy foods, catering more to meat and dairy purveyors than to children’s health needs. looking to get a little fit am concerned that a spin class seems to need so much energy then check out the review of fitensity on best spin bikes. Exercise is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as televisions and computers rivet children to their chairs for hours on end, and cars replace walking and bikes as the primary mode of transportation.

The result is that, despite our having better health information than ever before, our kids are more out of shape than at any time in history. More children than ever are overweight. The artery changes that will one day cause heart disease start before they graduate from high school. The poor nutritional habits many kids learn today are sowing the seeds of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension that will arrive all too soon. Their doctors, ever pressed to dispense prescriptions to try to cope with these burgeoning problems, are likely to fumble with questions about the nutritional steps that could be much more decisive.

You now hold in your hands the opportunity to change this scenario. By serving foods that keep your children healthy, you are doing them a tremendous favor. And the healthy habits they learn will help insulate them, at least a bit, from the seductive but unhealthy foods they’ll find all around them.

And you’ll be doing them an even bigger favor by joining them in healthy eating habits. As much as they need good health themselves, they also need healthy parents who will be part of their lives for many years to come. They’ll profit from your wisdom as they plan their own families and wrestle with the challenges of modern life, including the question of how best to nourish their children.

We hope you have found the information in this book helpful, and wish the very best of health and success to you and your children.

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