Pet food


There are very many dog breeds in the world but the pug is the most affectionate and convenient dog breed for people living in apartments. Pugs are not as active as other dogs and pug owners should watch on the calories intake of pugs. Due to their inactive nature, these animals tend to eat more and are more prone to obesity. The extra weight may add additional and unnecessary pressure to their legs. The best dog food for pugs should be rich in carbohydrates and proteins with little grain and corn quantities. Since they are hard to train, owners should reserve dog treats for them as a reward for obedience through training sessions.

Royal canin pug carlin

This food is made specifically for pugs that have exceeded ten months old. The food resembles the shape of a clover leaf that suits the short snout of the pug. The shape of this small kibble allows a pug to pick up the kibble and put it in its mouth. What is more advantageous about this dog food is that it is specifically designed for a pug. The kibble is made of chicken meal that has high protein content, rice, corn and oat meal.  This combination is great for maintaining their skin because pugs have a folded skin type.  The nutrient content in royal canin is balanced to watch and maintain on the weight of a pug.

Wellness complete health small breed

Made with turkey, oatmeal and salmon, this dog food is designed to meet the nutrient content of a pug and other smaller puppies. Salmon plays a more important role of boosting the eye and brain development of your pug. To have a healthy coat and maintain their folded skin, this food is added with omega 3 and fatty acids. Vitamins, veggies and minerals are also added to this meal to support general and healthy growth and have a healthy digestive system. The ingredients used in making wellness complete health dog food have no colors or additives added to it making it friendly for the pugs.

Holistic select lamb meal

This meal has a good sought out balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates in measures that are fit for your pug.  The nutrient combination contains only healthy nutrients for your pug. In addition to the nutritious content is omega 3 and fatty acids that help with the pug’s coat. The kibble size is also relatively small and your pug can eat with ease.


The best dog food for pugs contains high protein content and low corn content or low on calories.  The best pug foods have omega 3 and fatty acids and have a kibble that is easy for the pug to get a hold of.